7 Cost-Effective Ways to Save on Your Second Storey Addition

As interest rates have risen, many homeowners face challenges in expanding their living spaces due to reduced lending capacity. A common question arises: “How can we achieve additional space within budget?” Here are seven cost-effective strategies to consider for your second storey addition or extension.

  1. Strategic Planning: Maximise the value of your investment, if considering a second storey addition and a ground floor renovation, focus purely on expanding the size of your home first and the renovation at a later date. This could mean that you can increase value to your home, and you can potentialy renovate later with the additional equity created.
  2. Electrical: Consider the single batten light instead of the 4 downlights in a room, this can reduce wiring, save you electricity costs and build costs and scope of works.
  3. Weatherboard Cladding: Opt for Weatherboard cladding for your home’s exterior. This choice not only saves on material and labour costs but also provides an attractive aesthetic. Explore options like Weathertex cladding for a cost-effective and visually appealing solution.
  4. Ensuite Evaluation: Assess the necessity of an ensuite for the guest bedroom. If it’s rarely used, eliminating this space can result in significant savings on tiling, electrical, plumbing, and fit-out costs, as well as maintenance.
  5. Tile Choices for Bathrooms: Bathroom tiles can impact build costs significantly. Explore various tile options to find a balance between quality and affordability. Choosing a more budget-friendly tile can result in substantial savings without compromising aesthetics.
  6. Door Selection: Decide between solid doors and cost-effective hollowcore doors. Consider whether all doors need an immediate upgrade or if you can choose the more affordable option now, planning for future upgrades.
  7. DIY Internal Painting: If you have the time and skills, consider tackling the internal painting yourself. Hosting a painting day with friends and family can not only be a cost-saving measure but also a fun and collaborative experience.

When deciding on a home addition or extension, finding the balance between needs and budget is crucial. Every family has a unique approach to their requirements, and compromises may be necessary. Clients who focus on increasing home value within a manageable budget often express greater satisfaction and go on to address additional upgrades later. For personalised advice on your addition and associated costs, consult with us—the addition specialists. Contact us today for guidance on your future second storey addition project.