Save $15,000 on your build!

Building your dream home and adding a Second Storey Addition is an exciting experience, but we understand that costs can also add up. For a strictly limited time only, you can save $15,000 on your build with Smart Home Additions.

Here’s how you can take advantage of this offer:

This offer is only available to clients who proceed with their addition within our 30-day quote validity period. This means that you must sign a Preliminary Agreement and make payment of stage 1 within this timeframe to take advantage of the offer. The Preliminary Agreement outlines the scope of works, timeline, and other essential details for your build.

The build must commence within six months of signing the Preliminary Agreement. This offer is withdrawn if you fail to start the build within this timeframe.

* To take advantage of this strictly limited offer, the client (homeowner) must proceed within the 30 day quote validity period by signing the Preliminary Agreement and making payment of stage 1. The build must commence within 6 months of the Preliminary Agreement being signed. The offer is withdrawn if either period lapses.

Take A Mortgage Holiday On Us

Get a little mortgage relief!

Take a holiday from your mortgage on us!

We want you to be able to enjoy your addition, at the end of your build, we will give you a six week mortgage holiday by covering your repayments for six weeks*

Go ahead with one of our First Floor Addition Packages and for a limited time only, we will cover your mortgage repayments, terms apply*

*Terms and Conditions: Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. Upon payment of Practical Completion we will pay $500 (no more, no less) each week to the owner for a period of six weeks into a nominated bank account. $500/week mortgage repayment has been calculated based upon average mortgage repayments in Australia as at Aug 2022.

What you can do to prepare your home for a severe weather event?

Australia has recently experienced some severe weather conditions including high winds and heavy rainfall. These weather events and other similar events that have occurred in recent years, can at times be so severe that they exceed the Building Code of Australia (BCA) design benchmarks for homes constructed within Australia.

In such extreme weather conditions rainwater can be forced through closed windows and sprayed up rooves in a manner which homes aren’t designed for and therefore water may enter some homes. The resulting water ingress may cause damage to your home, often this damage may only be of a minor nature, but can still cause considerable stress to you as the homeowner.

What can you do to prepare your home for a severe weather event?

As part of your ongoing home maintenance we recommend the following check measures are undertaken to avoid any water ingress to your home;

  • Check all gutters and downpipes are clear of debris, leaves etc…
  • Regularly check your roof for signs of slipped roof tiles, cracks and possible water ingress entry points – especially if you have recently had a contractor attend your property eg. Foxtel or solar panel installer
  • Check your stormwater drains for blockages
  • Check your window and door seals aren’t displaying signs of cracks and ageing
  • Check for other possible entry points and seal if required

If during a severe weather event you do get water ingress – who do you call?

  • If it is an emergency please call the SES for immediate assistance
  • In most other cases, do what you can to stop/reduce the incoming water and then contact your home insurer as the first step to understanding what you can do

When these severe weather events happen most owners contact the builder of the home to request an inspection or even rectification of the damaged parts however if this issue hasn’t occurred until now then it is likely it is due to the severe weather event and these items will be claimable under your owner’s home insurance or alternatively are maintenance issues as the homeowner for you to attend to.